Our sailboat, Victoria


Hacienda Mérida is an accessible hotel.


We have made the commitment and investment to allow everyone to enjoy the beauties of Ometepe and to participate in our mission for sustainable and responsible living. The restaurant/sitting area has ramped access as do the rooms on the second floor (even if you are not staying up here, the view of the lake is beautiful and it's a great place to read). For the day visitor or dorm user, there is a communal bathroom, shower, and sink designed for easy wheelchair use.


Bird Tales

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Bilingual School

Oregon State University Veterinary Brigade

Anna and Kate from Oregon State University

Oregon State University Veterinary Brigade

Interview Owner Hacienda Merida

Hacienda Merida

Carthage J-Term in Nicaragua


Abstract of Monkey Research Findings

Migratory Birds Project

The Role of Field Schools and Private Reserves in the Ethical Training of Primatologists

Ometepe Biological Station

Community Classroom Space

Visitor Experiences

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